Formerly known as West Brecon Cave Rescue Team, the South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team is a registered charity (No.1016463)which was initially set up in 1946 to support cavers exploring the caves of the Swansea and Neath Valleys. Since then, with the discovery of major cave systems across South Wales, the team's area of responsibility has expanded dramatically, as seen in the accompanying map below

The role of the team has also evolved. From being almost an extension of the local caving club in the 1940's and '50s, SMWCRT now responds to a wide range of incidents on behalf of three Police Forces and two Fire Brigades. In recent years, the incidents attended, as well as traditional Cave Rescues, have included Road Traffic Incidents, Animal Rescues, providing technical support to Mountain Rescue Teams and even assisting Police in the search for a murder weapon.

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